LJMB Capital advisors is an Out-sourced Investment research firm based in the Northeast region, predominantly the Massachusetts and Delaware areas. LJMB is used as a consultancy business by different wealth management firms to generate macro research and equity research reports for information services only.

The Members of our Firm are current undergraduates studying at the liberal arts school College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. They all come from the club Holy Cross Student Investment Fund and have all received numerous accolades in the club itself. One of those accolades being defeating Harvard, MIT, and Georgetown at the UMASS Isenberg Stock Pitch Competition.

LJMB Capital advisors also provides our information services to individuals who are interested in the markets for informational purposes. As such, LJMB Capital advisors provides research to individuals for $120 on their preferred equity of choice. We also have a subscription service that will provide individuals our insight for the 2020 market on a quarterly basis, along with the modeled portfolio of our business.

LJMB Capital Advisors Seeks to disrupt current trends in the Finance Industry. We want to be recognized as disruptors of the industry.

LJMB Capital Advisors is not an investment firm nor does it seek to provide investment advice on any topic. Rather, LJMB Capital Advisors is an Outsourced Market Research firm with a precise focus on Capital Markets and select equities. Any white-papers or research you obtain from us should be used for informational purposes. LJMB Capital Advisors is not responsible for any potential losses or gains you make or lose in the markets from making decisions based on a service the customer requested.  

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